Weekend Warriors…Urban Wall Art

Is it bad that when I first read the name of this week’s Weekend Warrior, I thought the name was Urban Wallart?  I kept thinking, “What kind of name is Wallart?”


Anyway, you might not know this about me, but I am such a fan of street art.  Now, for those of you who look at street art and just see graffiti, this might not be your cup of tea.  I, however, think that street art can be such a conversation, both between the artists and within the community.  Love it.

Love it!

Which leads me to this week’s Weekend Warrior (which is startling, because I feel like I just did this….I hate weird weeks) : Ray Ferrer from Urban Wall Art & Murals (www.urbanwallart.wordpress.com).  Ray, who like many urban artists has elevated this style to a true art form, does commissioned commercial or residential works from hand-made stencils.  HANDMADE!!!!  Are you kidding?! Just look.

Seriously?!?!  The guy is AMAZING.  I wish every square inch of my wall space wasn’t filled to bursting.  You better believe that I’m getting one of his pieces for my next place.  Ack!

You can order his work on his website, or commission him to do a piece.  Ridiculous.

Here’s what Ray says about himself:

“I make very unique and custom artwork for people and businesses all around the world by hand cutting stencils and and painting them onto canvas and onto large walls. I travel to client sites for larger murals and mail out smaller pieces. I will go anywhere to do a mural! My artwork is inspired by wanting to see things I absolutely love in a different light. The stencils take anywhere from 6 to 20+ hours to cut out depending on the complexity and the size. I love it and so do the people who have me make something for them. Want something unique? Send me an email and we can talk about what you need.”

I have no more words.  Go.  Be amazed.  Be inspired.  Just be.

Have a lovely weekend!