[Re]Working It…Day 35

Happy [belated] Independence Day, Bleaders!

I hope you were able to stay somewhat cool throughout the holiday!

Can you believe we are on month TWO of the challenge?! *Gasp* I have ten new pieces for 31 new outfits, and I love this month even more than last month, if that is even possible! This month I opted for things to keep us cool, dresses, skirts and shorts. I dedicate this inspiration to the horrendous heat wave that we are experiencing currently. Dear Lord, whenever you are ready to send this heat on its way, feel free…

So before I break a sweat just sitting here typing, (Don’t laugh…it’s possible. It is THAT hot.) here are my ten pieces for the month:

Let’s talk about staples:

Yes, I love these colored shorts because they are super fun and yet still saturated enough that they can be paired with LOTS of different things.   But they are hardly “staples” – things that make a wardrobe.  This month I’ve included tons of staples, though.  If you don’t own a denim skirt, taupe pants, or a wrap dress, get them!  These pieces go from work to casual in 60 seconds or less.

Once you have staples, you can add in fun or trendy pieces.  Polo dresses are my fave right now. I think they are adorable belted but are also great by themselves. I love the color of the blue and black dress; it is super flowy and cool, and this dress allows you to find your own natural waist with the free tie/belt. Find your narrowest part and cinch, baby cinch!  Rounding out the month are the ruffle top (dramatic, yet light and comfortable), a floral tank top (simple is key!), a black tee (puffed sleeves!), and a summer sweater (with adorable ruffle trim).

So there are our ten! I look forward to showing you all that I have done with these pieces and [hopefully] inspiring you to try them from pieces in your own closet!

Happy Styling!


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