Weekend Warriors…Maryland Weather Center

Seriously, not 20 minutes after I posted the last blog, the power came back on.  It took the AC 5 hours to bring the temperature back down from 89 to a comfortable 78, but I was thankful the whole time.

Honestly, this was quite an ordeal, and I didn’t even get the worst of it.  What got me through though, was having reliable weather information.  Cue this week’s (well really, last week’s) Weekend Warrior: Maryland Weather Center (www.mymdweather.org)

(photo credit: Maryland Weather Center)

The site is run by my sweet friend Josh Owens assisted by Mark Gonzalez.  It features amazing, in-depth, but still approachable weather information and forecasting.  Josh and Mark do an incredible job of breaking down complicated meteorological concepts into pieces easily digested by the rest of us.  The site reads like a group of serious, experienced meteorologists are doing the writing, but the truth is that Mark is a high school History teacher.  And Josh?

He’s 17 years old.

Don’t you feel like a slacker now?

Now, Maryland Weather Center focuses pretty exclusively on Maryland and Delaware, but Josh also works with Foot’s Forecast (www.footsforecast.org), who has forecasters all over the country, so there is probably one near you.

Here is what Josh says about Maryland Weather Center:

“Maryland Weather Center was founded in January of 2011 by aspiring meteorologist Josh Owens, as a website to better provide the residents and visitors of the state of Maryland and Delaware a simple way to find their weather. MWC gives daily forecasts along with severe, winter, and tropical weather coverage for events happening within forecast zone.”

Before I forget, because of the 4th, Emily’s column will appear on Thursday instead of Wednesday!

Happy Monday…again!


Please Excuse the Interruption…

This is the face of someone who hasn’t had power since Friday night.

You may or may not have heard about (or experienced) the derecho (read: really big storm) that swept Chicago, the Ohio valley, and the Mid-Atlantic on Friday night and left hundreds of thousands of people without power during what can only be described as the hottest summer, like, ever.

I’m on hour 63 without power, but I’d like to take this opportunity to express gratitude instead of dismay. And trust me, there is plenty of dismay.

I’m thankful for:

-The woods in which I live, which shade my house and keep it from getting even hotter

-My underground basement which stays cool even when it’s 90 degrees upstairs

-Countless friends who have expressed concern and offered assistance.

-A patient cat, who seems to be taking it all in stride

-An AMAZING electric co-op which has already restored power to 90% of the homes in its service. 90%!

-Freezypops. Truth.

So until power is restored, there probably won’t be any updates from me, but I hope that wherever you are, you’re staying cool and safe.

Happy Monday!

P.S. I’ll be posting the Weekend Warriors as soon as I can!