[Re]Working It…Day 27

I would first like you to know that my sanctuary is amazing. I feel wonderful and relaxed in it. As I type this, I am basking in its serenity and calmness.  Ahhhhhhh……

Can you believe we are at the end of June?! I cannot believe this at all, we have already gone through twenty of thirty outfits. Say whaaaaaaaaaaa! That also means I have survived one WHOLE month without new shoes, clothes or accessories.

This is honestly a really empowering feeling. Not to mention, I have a lot of cute clothes and it’s really cool rediscovering them!

Ok, enough dilly-dallying! Let’s hop in to this week’s outfits!

Outfit #1: This took about ten minutes to put together. That’s right, TEN! That means you can sleep a little extra this morning. When we accessorized this outfit we opted for tear drop earrings instead of a long necklace, which made the outfit seem a little hippy-esque. We polished off the outfit with silver sandals.

Outfit #2: This outfit takes a bunch of ordinary pieces and jazzes them up with a yellow sweater and a turquoise necklace. Complete with nude heels to make my legs look miles long. We decided to add silver hoops so the outfit still seems fun!

Outfit #3: This was a favorite outfit of mine. I will offer caution, it can be a little frustrating at first trying to get the tops lined up but that is the most “hassle” involved with this outfit. This is a preppy look, great for a day at the country club or sightseeing! We added pearl earrings to add to the prep, but you could also choose silver jewelry to break up the Ralph Lauren appeal of this ensemble.

Outfit #4: This may be my ultimate—mostly because I am guilty of loving the white tee and jeans ensemble, pretty much year round, I know, I know it’s a problem. The sweater is, as always, optional. As we get further into the summer months you’ll probably need this less and less. However this outfit, paired with boat shoes is great for a mountain weekend or late night campfire. Because of how relaxed this outfit it is we decided to accessorize with only a necklace.

Outfit #5: This look plays a lot with color! The yellow sweater with the turquoise (as you can tell one of my favorite color combos) makes this outfit sweet and sassy without letting the grey shirt dress (which can sometimes come off as a little drab) do all the talking! Perfect for a work day, sophisticated enough for a business lunch or presentation day.

Outfit #6: This is a great, casual outfit for a day of errands, or hanging out at home with friends or even by the pool.  The texture is added with the jewelry, pink and black necklaces, with beads of different shapes and sizes. Against the grey pattern gives the eye something to look at!

Outfit #7: This outfit is very simple and would be a great outfit for any cocktail function you may need to attend over the summer, this is also a great church or work outfit, the versatility of this dress is amazing! We don’t need to accessorize this dress very much because of how much pizzazz the ruffles add!

Outfit #8: This outfit uses a lot of our pieces and makes for a darling outfit great for any casual summer day! We layered the green shirt under the grey and white printed shirt to add an extra pop! Cuffed the jeans for a crop pant/Capri look and added the world’s most comfortable wedges for an uber casual and comfortable outfit!

Outfit #9: This is a great casual Friday outfit that can easily transition into after-work happy hour with your fellow co-workers! We paired our tunic with our crop pants and added a sweater for those chilly days in the office. There is a lot (not too much, just enough) going on in this outfit with the color and pattern of the clothing so we opted for no jewelry in this outfit, as there is more than enough to keep the eye occupied!

Outfit #10: Our last look for the month of June. I can’t believe it! Can you believe it!? This is a great example of mixing patterns. As I have said before pinstripe is pretty much always a neutral so adding a print like the one seen here, is more than acceptable. Its encouraged! We opted for a very simple yet eye catching pattern that compliments it perfectly. However, this would be a very monochromatic outfit if it wasn’t for the pop of color added in with the turquoise necklace.

Wowza! Ten Pieces! Thirty Outfits! We did it! I hope you guys are having as much fun with this as I am! As always let us know how we’re inspiring you through comments and photos!


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