It’s All Over but the Revenge…

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a cat with fleas.

Now keep your hand up if you’ve ever tried to give that cat a flea bath.

Hand still raised?  Mine is.

Saturday, I decided that enough was enough and that Stuart needed a bath.  He’s been miserable all summer and scratches himself bloody, plus leaves fleas everywhere he goes (read: all over my home).  So I did the research and got some shampoo and read and re-read the instructions and decided that it shouldn’t be too hard.


So in the wake of that disaster, here are my top 5 hints on how to give your cat a bath.  This doesn’t really apply to dogs, who seems to love the water, but if yours doesn’t, this could probably be adapted.

5 – Take it Outside

You are going to get wet.  Really wet.  Don’t starting thinking you can do this in your bathtub and it’ll be fine.  You can’t, and it won’t.  If you live in an apartment and you don’t have an outside…well…you probably also don’t have fleas.  So there you go.

4 – Enlist Help

I called my parents to help me.  Honest to goodness, there would have been no way to do it alone.  with one person holding Stuarts front legs and the other two scrubbing, it was still all we could do to keep in him the water.

3 – Use a pouring device

This is one I didn’t do but wish I had.  It’s really hard to get all the soap off of the cat without some way to pour water on him.  Since cats REALLY don’t like being sprayed, the gentle pouring of the watering can would work well.

2 – Wear gloves

Flea shampoo is really dangerous stuff and it’s harmful to humans if it gets on your skin, so gloves are a must.

1 – Towels at the Ready and Snuggle Time!

When you’ve finished torturing your cat, use some big fluffy towels to start drying him off.  He’ll dry in the sun in a few hours, but giving him a rub-down while making nice is the first step to atoning for the epic betrayal he feels.

Awwwwww….. Right?!

Happy Tuesday!

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