On Friday,  I was working along, minding my out business, and the power went out.

Well.  Okay.

Turns out there had been an accident, or something, and the lines got knocked down.  It was fixed by the evening, but really messed with my ability to work.  So…weekend!  Cue happy dance.

Except the part where I had a huge project that was due Monday morning and I had no way to finish it.


I knew I’d have to work on the project over the weekend, and since Saturday was already booked, Sunday afternoon was the designated hour.  I procrastinated as long as I could, but there was no way around it.  Lamenting my plight to my mom, she was full of encouragement and support and said, “Well, it’s quarter to 5 now.  I bet if you got started you could be done by 8!”

At just after 11, I called it quits and finished it up this morning.  Turns out, it wasn’t due until Tuesday.

Hope your week started better than mine!


Start now, she tells me. It’ll be fine, she tells me…

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