[Re]Working It…Day 20

So, by now I am hoping you have recovered from the overwhelming shock that was my room cleanse. I know, I know, I know. It was rough. My room is now a sanctuary, not just a space. And I do mean this when I say if I have the guts to do that, anyone can work up the nerve.

I still have too many clothes, of course. So many that there is literally no room, and I do mean, NO. ROOM. Needless to say, now I am becoming thankful for my fashion fast.

Pause for Gasp.

This fashion fast could not come at a better time! And what’s more, I think the withdrawal symptoms (ya know, the nervous tic, twitchy eyes and constant shaking) has finally subsided which means I’m breaking the cycle. My bank account is thanking me. Can. You. BELIEVE. It?!

Okay, let’s get on with it shall we?

Outfit #1: Please note that the shoes on my feet are brown. Yes, BROWN, a neutral that flows well with grey and white because they are also neutrals. Throw on a pendant necklace and you feel so comfortable in it, and yet still stylish!

Outfit #2: This outfit has a great amount of elegance that comes straight from its simplicity. Throw pearls and heels with this outfit and you are golden. A note about nude heels: they elongate your leg line. This means you look like a tall, leggy, model, even if you’re not…yet.

Outfit #3: My favorite part about this outfit is that we took two casual pieces and made them office appropriate, without taking away any source of comfort. Throw on a layered necklace and you’ve got it good. Olive and white are both neutrals, so try pairing with salmon, pink, soft blue or even lavender.

Outfit #4: Cue layering: We’ve added an entirely new dimension to a very simple shirt dress by throwing on a print underneath of it. This will blow many out of the water simply because no one ever thinks to layer with an all-in-one piece, such as this, until now!

Outfit #5: This outfit is casual and comfortable (as well as cool) but still ADORABLE! Two things to mention: you will see in this picture that the pink shirt has a double button. This is an ideal situation for girls with larger bust lines (like me) who are not looking to let “the girls” play peek-a-boo with all those they meet! Also, the camel belt highlights my waist, the beauty of the belt in an outfit like this is that I define where my narrowest part of me is, and place the belt accordingly. Hint: to find natural waist pretend you’re a little girl singing I’m a little teapot. “Tip” yourself over, and where you bend is where the belt should hit!

Outfit #6: This outfit from a hindsight standpoint makes me hot; here at home we have had an unpleasantly HUMID temperature of 90+ degrees this week. So always remember, our goal is never to suffocate you, almost always the sweater is of course optional. Pin stripes are considered a neutral because of how thin and subdued they are. Paired with a semi-louder tunic and you have a well-balanced outfit.

Outfit #7: What a great brunch or picnic outfit! This combo is super comfortable and easy to throw on.  Dress it down with the flip-flops, or dress it up with a pair of nude wedges. Either way you cannot go wrong!

Outfit #8: This was our creative juices outfit. Remember that pink dress? This is it. Well…half of it. We threw on the skirt over top of it. My favorite part of this outfit, which you sadly cannot see is that the slit in the back of the skirt allows for a really adorable amount of ruffle to cut through so it looks absolutely sassy. LOVE IT! We paired this skirt with a turquoise necklace and nude heels; let the colors mix, this is the beauty of summer; color is EVERYWHERE, why should it stop with you?

Outfit #9: This is a pretty simple outfit, add comfy shoes, like Coach sneakers and you’re set for a day at the farmers market or sightseeing! The big piece to point out here is the chunky statement necklace, this necklace was bought at a craft fair—a great place to look for unique, and individual pieces to add to your wardrobe that transform an ordinary outfit to an extraordinary outfit, like you see here!

Outfit #10: I know, I know, but for a cool summer night on the water this is the perfect outfit! Add boat shoes and pearls for an adorable, preppy outfit. To make this outfit a bit more sophisticated for perhaps a luncheon switch your boat shoes for black flats and your pearls for silver studs or hoops and you are sure to get their attention!

As always, please comment, ask questions, or send us pictures of how our outfits worked out for you! We love, love, love to hear from you!


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