Weekend Warriors…Aunt Peaches

Every once in awhile, I come across a blog that actually makes me laugh out loud. Enter, Aunt Peaches (www.auntpeaches.com), a creative free spirit living in Chicago who embraces all things colorful and reusable.  She is quite well known in the blogging world, and her work is often featured on crafting blogs and her blog features her thoughts on everything from daily observations to her regular feature on paper flowers.  She is a lover of coffee filters and bright colors and her particular brand of humor brightens my day.

Here is what Peaches says about herself:

“I’m Peaches: aunt, artist, wannabe photographer, expert city dweller, World Class Diet Coke Connoisseur. My hands are always moving. My toenails are tangerine. I’m excellent at procrastinating. I guarantee you, at the time you are reading this, there are dirty dishes in my sink. I didn’t get my driver’s license until a was twenty-nine. Did I mention it was my third attempt?

I’m sort of like that chubby friend everyone knows; you like me because I know how to order cocktails and make you look skinny by comparison, and, I like you because your family/office/personal/Mother-In-Law/Baby-Daddy drama makes my life feel normal.  Damn, we are so good together.

My days are spent in an office getting paid to have people tell me do lots of things, most of which translate to “make it pretty.” My nights are spent working as a freelance graphic designer, attempting to validate the time and money I wasted on a pretentious art school.”

Love it!  As a posseser of a slightly pretentious, practically useless art degree myself, I can relate.

Have a lovely weekend!

PS:  Does someone inspire you?  Would you love to see a feature on them in the Weekend Warriors column?  Hit me up and let me know, and I’ll check them out.  If I pick your idea, I’ll feature you right along side!

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