[Re] Working It…Day 13

Happy Wednesday!

What is not to love about knowing you are on the downhill slope of the week?!

One of the best parts about summer for me, is getting the opportunity to spend time with my niece and nephew, Paige (3) and Owen (4). They are so much fun to hang around. Life is without a doubt simpler through their eyes, and I truly admire that about them. What’s more, they have the ability to speak their minds in the most adorable and often candid of ways. Like this weekend, we were out at lunch and Paige (an inspiring fashionista–taking after her Aunt Emily) looked at me and said, “Aunt Emily, where are your earrings?!” To which I replied, “I forgot to put them in today, whoops!” Her flabbergasted and sincere response was as follows, “Aunt Emily, a lady never goes out without earrings! They make the outfit! Well that, and a smile.”

What could I say to that? She learned it from me, I know she did. However, I took her verbal reprimand of sorts as a lesson I would like to pass on to you! The key to dressing your best, no matter what you’re wearing is confidence!

In other news, I am so excited to reveal the first ten outfits this week, and I hope you are too!

Outfit 1:  To complete the ensemble I added a long, gold link necklace, diamond studs and nude flip flops. This outfit is great for hanging out with friends, a weekend in the mountains or a chillier evening at the beach. The oatmeal sweater, because of its weight acts as a refreshing (and more stylish change) to the typical sweatshirt or jacket.

Outfit 2: Black peep-toe pumps and a long strand of pearls complete this look. Nervous about mixing patterns? Fear not! Pinstripe is a neutral. Never pair 5 inch polka dots and 3 inch stripes, but two prints can turn a neutral into a natural wow-outfit!

Outfit 3: Remember when I said something about some of these outfits surprising me? This was one of those outfits. Around outfit number 25 or 26 of 30, I began to feel the tiniest bit defeated. I thought I’d tried EVERY combination. Simply put: WRONG. The white tee over the pink Oxford acts a summer sweater adding dimension to your outfit and nude heels to seal the deal. (Random Fact #4: I love, loVE, LOVE Nude Heels!!) The olive pants are a NEUTRAL. I shall say this again, OLIVE pants, are a NEUTRAL. Embrace them, they’re not khaki, black, blue or brown, but they can still travel the distance, I PROMISE!

Outfit 4: Ok, Truth: I had to be persuaded to try this color combination. Green and Yellow made me think sunflowers, and while I like sunflowers, I don’t love them, which means I wouldn’t want to be one. But, I am happy to say that this outfit doesn’t scream sunflower at all.  Don’t be afraid of color, it is not only a friend but an ally if you will, taking the most simple of outfits to the next level!

Outfit 5: Hello, school teacher. JUST KIDDING, I swear. With the appropriate accessories, of course! This outfit is very simple. Great for a morning where you don’t have a lot of time, but of course you want to walk out the door looking AND feeling fabulous. Without any accessorizing this could go very librarian-esque; if that is how you’re feeling, you can make a sweet look with pearls. I chose to pair this outfit with silver hoops, the metal gives a “harder” look. Because, if you’re going to look like a librarian, why wouldn’t you be a sexy one?

Outfit 6: This look, without any accessories goes against what every fashion magazine/stylist says about color.  This can take you from a picnic to play date in no time flat, but on its own it’s a bit, you know, BORING., which is why I chose to add a long turquoise necklace and red flats. Startling color combination will keep the outfit from becoming monochromatic. It also adds that kick of summer that everyone is looking for!

Outfit 7: This is where we take the jeans and give them a second dimension. By now I’m sure many of you have figured out the secret to cuffing your jeans to make them into make-shift crop pants. I must be honest and say that I often times use skinny jeans for this, however the ever-universally-flattering shape that boot cut jeans are have helped take this look to the next level I’m showing nude heels in this picture, but you could even go for a nude flip flop and be comfy and casual. The nude heel will simply make it a little dressier, perhaps even appropriate for casual nighttime wear.

Outfit 8: A black belt ties everything together and jeans are super comfy and yet stylish. This top sequence is also great because it can be repeated over a skirt, black slacks, or shorts. The possibilities are endless!

Outfit 9: This one is bringing back the green and yellow combination we saw earlier in outfit four, only this time the entire top (yes, ladies, both layers) can be tucked into your grey skirt and paired with nude heels, to prevent the shoes from distracting people from the beautiful color combination on top! A lot of women fear tucking things in to a skirt, I happen to feel that the art of tucking tops into a skirt adds extra curves to a woman and giving her the uber-feminine look of an hourglass figure. Who doesn’t want that? Thought so.

Outfit 10: This is probably the biggest surprise of all from this round. This was another outfit, nearing the end of the first round where when I started to feel hopeless. Hello, light at end of tunnel. This outfit takes BOTH dresses and layers them creating depth, illusion and flirt. Because this is a shirt dress you can unbutton it and almost trench the dress to allow the peek-a-boo ruffles to come out as a flirty texture but also as a vivid pop of color! I paired this outfit with black heels, pulling from the grey of the shirt dress, making it super work appropriate.

Whew! Are you winded? I’m winded.

But at the same time, oh so excited for you to try some (or dare I say it, ALL) of these outfits this month! When you do make sure to leave comments or pictures of how they went! If you have any compliments OR if you have ways to make the outfit better, I’d love to hear it!

Until next time!


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