Oh, Happy (Mon)Day!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  My Saturday was spent at a graduation party for a high school friend of mine, then feeling OLD because I graduated from high school many moons ago, then out with my dear friends Maggie and Janelle.

Sunday, I recovered. And went shopping.

Anyway, my friend Amy just got married (and by just, I mean like a month ago) and I got her a Deep Covered Baker from The Pampered Chef as a wedding present.  This is an AMAZING piece of glazed stoneware, and you can cook almost anything in it, both in the oven AND THE MICROWAVE!  Some of you may remember my incident with the chicken in the microwave.  If not, you can read about it here!

One of the best things about the baker is that my consultant’s team has put together over 150 recipes using this thing.  I wanted to include the recipes in the gift, but just handing Amy a sheaf of papers or putting them in a binder didn’t really seem good enough.

So I made a cover.

This tutorial is roughly based on this tutorial from Teresa Down Under.

You’ll need three different kinds of fabric and a 1″ 3 ring binder.  I used regular quilting cotton because it comes in a variety of patterns, and it’s fairly inexpensive.  Especially yesterday, when it was all 40% off.  All together, I think I spend $8 on fabric. I’m going to call the Dark Purple fabric “A”, the Polka Dot “B” and the Lavender Floral “C”.  You’ll need half a yard each of “B” and “C” and a quarter “A”.

Next, the measuring and cutting.  These were my measurements, but you want to make sure you measure your binder and adjust accordingly.

For the Lining

1 piece “C”- 23.5″ by 12.75″

For the Cover

1 piece “C” – 23.5″ by 5.25″

1 piece “B” – 23.5″ by 8.5″

1 piece “A” – 23.5″ by 10″

For the Pockets

2 pieces of “B” 12.75″ by 7.5″

You’ll also need to cut a piece of batting 23.5″ by 12.75″

To Assemble

Sew the Cover pieces “C” and “B” together along one long edge.  Press open the seam so it lays flat.  Lay the Cover piece of “A” over the sewn fabric on the bottom edge and decided how tall you want the pocket.  Fold over the edge to the desired length, press the crease and then sew down the edge.  This makes the pocket a lot cleaner looking.

Now you should have these pieces:

Lay the lining down right side up.  Fold the two pocket pieces in half, wrong sides together and lay them on the lining.  Then lay the pocket on the bottom edge, followed by the cover and then the batting.  Make sure all the edges line up and pin it together.  Sew through all the pieces, keeping very close to the edge.  Leave a 4″ gap at the bottom.  Trim away the extra batting, and the fabric at the corners and carefully turn the piece inside out through the hole at the bottom.  Dry fit it to the binder.  If it is loose, run a second line of stitching around the whole piece, tucking in the open edge.  If the cover fits perfectly, just sew the bottom edge closed.

En Voila!

Now I just have to print out the cookbook, put it in page protectors (for longevity) and wrap up the gifts.  Plus! I’m going to use the extra fabric scraps to make the bows for the wrapping.  Yay, recycling!  This would be a great wedding, birthday, or baby shower present, and you don’t have to use a cookbook.  This could be an organizer cover, or a small spiral notebook.  You could add a button or ribbon closure, extra pockets, and embroidered message, really anything.


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