[Re]Working It…Day 6

So, that divine intervention that we talked about last week, never happened.


I am six days into the most difficult challenge I have ever imparted upon myself. However, I do believe that in some way (that I don’t know yet) I will become a better person for this. Hopefully.

Be that as it may, I am here, you are there, and I have ten pieces to introduce to you.  These are the ONLY pieces with which I built an entire wardrobe for a month.

Here they are:

You’re probably thinking, “This girl is off her rocker, I don’t have half of those things!” And that might be true, but I’d like to note that while you may not have a grey and pink tunic in particular in your closet the idea is that you will have something similar in your closet, and if not (and you aren’t fasting like I am) you can easily find a piece like this in any department store.

For instance: in place of a tunic like the one you’ll see in this blog you could pick another gently embellished top that provides comfort and style at the same time.

My job was to take these ten pieces and devise outfits for the entire month of June with them, along with the three basic pieces we showed you in last week’s episode of [Re]working It. That’s thirteen pieces total, for thirty days of outfits.


It was a challenge we came up with outfits that I loved and some that even surprised me. Lesson from month one: Try EVERYTHING.  If it looks good, SUCCESS, if it looks bad, who’s gonna know? Lets be honest, most people don’t have an EveryGirl Blogger in their bedroom with a camera as they try different looks.

Pause for Sigh of Relief.

Next week, I’ll start showing you some of the outfits I put together and share with you the lessons learned.  As always, comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

Until next time!


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