Weekend Warrior: Green Wedding Shoes

I’m not married, okay?  Can we just drop it?

Sorry, I get a little testy sometimes.

I’m 24 years old (as of last Sunday!) and though unmarried, I’m fascinated (okay, let’s call a spade, a spade, I’m obsessed) with weddings.  I’ve had my own planned since I was about 12 and every time I go to a wedding, I’m constantly poaching ideas (or learning what not to do).  When I do finally find “the one” I’ll be all set, just drop in the cast of characters and we’ll be good to go.

Which is why I nearly jumped out of my skin with joy when I found Green Wedding Shoes (www.greenweddingshoes.com) a site dedicated to all things wedding-y.  It’s not a wedding planning website, but more of an inspiration and information site, dedicated to helping brides-to-be (or wannabees) find the perfect…everything.  You can view photos of other weddings, find vendors, share ideas, and read informational post on everything from flowers to honeymoons to diy decorations.  It’s absolute Heaven.

Just look at this AMAZING Princess Bride themed wedding.  As you wish….

Pop on over to Green Wedding Shoes and be inspired, whether you’re married, getting married, or hoping to get married some day, or even if you just like looking at pretty things.

Have a lovely weekend!

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