Cue Wild Rumpus.

Hello, Lovely Bleaders!  The day of epic announcement is upon us.  My dear friend Emily has agreed to be a guest blogger this summer with a regular feature called “[Re]Working It”.  She’s taken on an interesting challenge and she’ll be sharing her experiences every Wednesday right here on The Adventures of EveryGirl.  Make sure to drop a line giving us your feedback on the new feature, and let us know if there are any fashion questions that you have.  So, without further ado, I present: Emily!

For those of you who weren’t around when the pomp and circumstance originally began, I am Emily, Simone’s “dear-friend-who’s-more-like-her-little-sister-unlike-her-sister-who-is-more-like-her-cousin.” (We need to come up with a shorter title for me, I know)

And let me tell you, I am so, so, SO excited to be home for summer. Sure, because school is out. Yes, because I am excited for delicious, home-cooked food. And a lot because I have a dishwasher (Random Fact #1: I don’t do dishes). But mostly because being home means I get to hang out with the beautiful Simone and catch up on the 9 months that we were apart!

But if that’s not enough, I was stoked when she asked me to guest blog! So stoked that I said, “Yes I’d love to!” and then a day or two later I said, “Hey, what exactly do I do?” When Simone stopped laughing at me she told me I would be her partner in crime on the blog, crafting with her, and talking about style.  In a nutshell, I do everything I do anyways, but I get to share with all the fabulous EveryGirl Bleaders! Challenge accepted.

Enter  [Re]Working It, a column focused on my summer fashion fast.  You see, normally, I would spend my summer working and spending the money on an even bigger wardrobe.  However, I am a college student, one semester away for being a full-on teacher. (Holy Cow, I know!) So  if a teacher is poor, a college student studying to be a teacher is “po’ ” a term created by Oprah (Random Fact #2: I ♥ Oprah!) to describe something poorer than poor, AKA Me! In an effort to save for what is my future in oh, six months (ACK!) I had this crazy idea (which I’m sure I will soon regret). It goes something like this:

92 Outfits (I know it’s a weird number, have a little faith.)
30 Pieces
3 Months
2 Determined girls
0 Shopping

Right?! Right?!

This is how it’s gonna go: each month we pick 10 pieces, that most girls have in their closet that we can “re-work” to make them even prettier than they were last summer (yes, it IS possible)! Then we take those 10 pieces and give you 30 ways to wear them. 30 days in June, 30 outfits? (31 days in July and August, that’s where the weird numbers come from) Get it?

The Monthly 10 won’t include shoes or accessories, so I’ll be making do with what I have. Each week I will give you ten of the 30 outfits to start playing around with. You can of course comment with questions that you have or comments about the outfits, in fact, we encourage it!

The goal: I have to use what I have to survive this summer, from work to wedding, barbecue to brunch, and believe me if I can do it ANYONE can do it. The challenge begins Friday, June 1. (Did you hear that God? My challenge begins FRIDAY…)

Cue Divine Intervention.

Or not…

So before I leave this week I’ll get you started with what I consider to be the “Go-To Outfit”. These three pieces are fair game throughout the entire challenge as they are essential in any wardrobe.

This outfit can be done in 5 minutes. As you can see its quick, and easy. Mine consists of:
Boot cut jeans— A style that flatters everyone, balancing out even the curviest of girls.
A White Tee— Everyone one has one (if you don’t Target’s Mossimo Tees are BEYOND comfortable). I prefer a v-neck but scoop or crew neck is fine too. V-necks in my opinion are universally flattering and are forgiving on everyone.
Yellow Sweater— I ♥ Yellow! (random fact #3) especially this shade! Your sweater does not have to be yellow. I definitely recommend a pop of color but it’s about using what you have so if you want to use grey, or red, go on with your bad, fashionista self!  In any color this sweater is great for occasions all year round. It is light enough that you’re not suffocating during hot summer days but heavy enough that you aren’t freezing in the frozen food section of the supermarket.

I added a turquoise necklace and diamond studs to complete this outfit. The idea behind this being the “Go-To Outfit” is that it takes basic pieces that you already have and transforms them into an outfit that you can wear to run your errands and still look completely polished once you add mascara and lip gloss. It says, “Of course I look like this when I wake up!” because you never know who you’ll meet at the supermarket!

See, painless (so far).

And so it begins, the summer challenge. Here’s to a summer full of flawless fashions, epic adventures, and full bank accounts, and to you,the bleader, laughing with us through it all.

End scene.


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