Pretty in Pink

Don’t you hate when your Monday is actually a Tuesday and it throws off your whole week and you just lose your everloving mind?

No good, man.  No good.

Anyway, I posted some DIY tutorials that I used to decorate my birthday party this weekend (you can read that blog here) but I wanted to take a minute to show you the final result.  It was extremely hot and humid this weekend, and by the time I finished decorating, I was worn out and sticky.  But a quick change of clothes and I was ready to party.  I wanted to make something pretty and simple, without looking like Barbie threw up on my party.  Here’s the result!

I used Tissue Paper Pom Poms as a chandelier by stringing them on fishing line and taping them to the ceiling.  The ruffled streamers were just crepe paper sewn together with an extra long stitch and really high tension.

Candy Melts and a cheap candy mold made cute flower lollipop favors, which I displayed in a ceramic vase from the dollar store.

In lieu of flowers on the table, I used a green plant to cut some of the pinkness.

Paper plate holders from the dollar store acted as chargers and pretty floral paper plate minimized cleanup.

My mom took a picture of me when I was being distracted by something shiny…

All in all it was a lovely family gathering and since I had help fluffing the Pom Poms, it really wasn’t that much work.  The moral of the story is that you never have an excuse not to decorate!

I’m now going to use all caps to really sell how excited I am about this next part.  Fair warning.


*Cough* We now return to our regularly scheduled lowercase.

Happy [Mon]Tuesday!


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