I’m having a crisis of faith…or something.

(Extremely) long story (extremely) short.  There was this guy.  I broke his heart.  It was three years ago. I’m thinking about calling him.


Anyway, this weekend was my birthday and I was surrounded by so much love from family and friends that I feel the need to share all of that love with you.  I’ll be posting later (tomorrow?) about the party and the AMAZING diy projects that made the whole thing wonderful, but for now I leave you will this hysterical and heartwarming video that was sent to me by guest blogger Emily.

Speaking of Emily: I’m SOOOOOOOO excited to share with you what we’ve been working on.  So make sure you tune in on Wednesday for the big announcement.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

Anyway, please to enjoy.

How cute?!?!!

Happy Memorial Day!  A special note to all the armed service members and their families: I understand and appreciate the sacrifice you make each and every day.  As a military kid and sister, I know that you are all that stands between us and losing everything we hold dear.  Thank you thank you thank you, and may God bless you and your family.


Dancing Jews!!!

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