Birthday, Shmirthday or, Why I Suck

Oh bleaders, I feel as though I’ve failed you.  I’ve been horribly dilinquent in my updating, an act of treachery akin to leaving one’s child at the grocery store and then forgetting that you even have a child.  It’s no good.

In my own (weak) defense, I’ve been up to my EYEBALLS in drama after drama.  My brother deployed to Afghanistan this week, so we’re all a little on edge, and work is taking over my life.  We’re in the middle of selling our company, and the buyers keep needing more and more information, which is fine, but incredibly time-consuming and stress-inducing.

However! The light at the end of my proverbial tunnel is that my birthday is on Sunday.  I’ll pause for cheering and general hoopla.

You done?  Good.  Moving on.

As is tradition every year since I was born, there will be a birthday picnic/cookout/family gathering type thing in honor of my impending…you know…aging.  The sweet party takes place at my grandmother’s house in WV, so I’ll be headed up there for the weekend.  I’m all about the decorations, but for this party, everything I do has to be made packable, or needs to be assembled on site.  In this spirit, I’ve decided to go with a tissue paper decoration concept.  Trust me, it won’t look at all like Cinco de Mayo.

I’m using tutorials from Sew Sweet Stitches,

and MADE.

I’ll post pictures when I get back but for now, I pose a question.  What is your favorite tissue paper craft?  Hit me up in the comments!

Happy Thursday!

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