A Tisket, A Tasket….Something Something Something…A Basket

Where did the week go!?!?!

I was thinking today, I guess I better start on this week’s blog posts since it’s already Mon…THURSDAY?!


Over the weekend, Emily and I decided to try a project that’s been on my radar for a few weeks, the Newspaper Basket. You can find the Tutorial here, and there are a bunch of steps, so I won’t outline them all.  This is one of those projects that is fairly straight forward, though a bit time-consuming.  We had two people working on it, so it didn’t take nearly as long as if I’d been doing it alone.

You start by cutting the newspaper apart and folding all the individual pages into smaller pieces and then you basically weave them together the same way you did at camp when you make place mats out of construction paper.  When you have the base as big as you want it, you fold all the pieces and start weaving up the sides.  Simple, yes?

Sure, until it looks like this.

Then you start panicking and telling Emily that you just can’t do this and it’s too chaotic and you want to cry a little.  And then something wonderful happens.  You get to the top of the basket and finish it off and BAM. Basket.

It’s freaking amazing.

And huge.  The basket is pretty big.

The other thing I learned was that staples are your BEST friends in this project. Tacking it down along the way is the easiest way make sure that basket stays together. Also…the tutorial does this cool thing using the masthead of The New York Times to cover up any unsightly or bedraggled edges,  I skipped that step and finished it off with packing tape, and I think it looks just fine.

Finish it off with a pretty ribbon, and done!

Happy Mon…Thursday!

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