Weekend Warriors – Craft Schmaft

So I was visiting a client yesterday and as I got out of my car, the first thing I noticed was a song in the air.  An unmistakable fluttering in my stomach started as I reverted to my 6-year-old self with only one thought.


You see, gentler bleader, my family moved from the suburbs to the middle of nowhere when I was 7, so my last year of the ice cream truck was age 6.  That song just sends me back….

BTW…I did get some ice cream…but not from the truck.  I have to at least pretend that I’m a serious professional.

Anyway, in the spirit of my regression into childhood comes this week’s Weekend Warrior:

Claire from Craft Schmaft (www.craftschmaft.com)

Claire lives in Australia and makes the most amazing and adorable sewn objects.  She sells them at craft fairs around Sydney, but for those of us without access to a private jet, she also sells her patterns in her online store.

Here’s what Claire says about herself:

Hello. My name is Claire. I have a sock toy addiction. It began two years ago when I was pregnant and nesting. At first I dismissed it. I hadn’t sewn in years. “Craft Schmaft” I said. Well it seems this crafty thing is here to stay. This blog brings you the delights of making sock softies, fabric finds and crafty inspiration from round the interweb.
Thanks for stopping by!”

Claire’s most recent creation is the Baby Godzilla sock toy.  It’s shut up cute.

Have a Lovely Weekend!!!

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