Who You Callin’ A Meringue?

Meringues fascinate me.  Whip together egg whites and sugar and something to stabilize the whole mess until it’s fluffy and stiff and then bake it and it becomes a light, sweet, sponge of air and deliciousness.  Now, I full intend to make a gorgeous meringue dessert from Ina Garten, but my first foray into the meringue world was something a little…simpler?

Or so I thought.

Enter: Chocolate Meringue Pie

You can find the recipe that I used here, but basically, once again, I learned that simple, does not always mean easy.  First, you make a pie crust and chill it for an hour, fit it to a pie pan and prick the bottom with a fork.  Then you blind bake it for a few minutes to set.  Meanwhile you make what is essentially homemade chocolate pudding and let that cool for just a minute before you put it in the crust.  While that’s cooling down you make the meringue.  The method for the meringue is not one that I’ve seen before, but it was quite impressive.  Then, top the pie with the meringue and bake it a bit longer, until the meringue is cooked and set.  The recipe dares you to eat it soon after, but unless you want a gooey HOT chocolate mess on your hands, I’d let it cool completely before serving.  Trust me on this one.

Here is the result:

Pretty, no?

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Who You Callin’ A Meringue?

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