Weekend Warriors

I’ve been working with a graphic designer friend of mine to come up with a great logo for the blog, and one of the first questions she asked me was, “What inspires you?”


I hadn’t really thought about it, but now I have and I realized that it’s YOU.  You my readers, you the interwebs, you the crafting/cooking/photographing/designing/building/expressing community.  I’m inspired by all the blogs I read, the projects I see, my friends, my family, everything.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite forms of inspiration.  I’ll call these my Weekend Warriors (hence the title.  That’s right, hence) and do my very best to feature one every weekend.  First up:

Design Seeds® – For People Who Love Color

Design Seeds (www.design-seeds.com) is a blog focused on color.  Every day, Jessica extracts balanced color palettes from a photograph and publishes them on her site.  If you subscribe, the beautiful palettes come straight to your inbox.  There is also a search feature, that lets you search by color, or by catagory.  I LOVE getting these beautiful, colorful jewels in my inbox every day.  Here’s what Jessica says about herself.

my love (okay…passion) for color sprouted at a very young age. i played with color markers (my favorite colors of course) as action figures and loved melting crayolas into different hue sculptures. we would go to the detroit auto show every year, and i would cut up all the brochures and create my first mood boards by collaging the images to cover my bedroom door. fast forward decades later…having worked as a car designer, shoe designer, color & material specialist and forecaster (hmm…could see that all coming from my earliest days)…my love of color was actualized through my biggest joy of life … my daughter’s name {Ruby Joy}.

beginning in art school (and throughout my design career), i have journaled color palettes and inspiration. the earliest of my journals were compiled in a sketchbook with pantone chips and dymo label callouts…the design seed blog is a modern interpretation of my original journals. it is my pleasure to share with you my journey and inspiration as i continuously track and forecast emerging colors and palette combinations.

thank you for exploring design seeds.

– jessica”

So seriously, hop on over to Design Seeds and just try not to feel happy, I dare you.

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