I met a senorita with a flower in her hair…

Do you ever feel like you’ve discovered something amazing and that as soon as you post it, everyone will love you and they’ll write books about your crafty genius and all people everywhere will want to sing your praises to the heavens.  And then you find out that not only did you not invent this craft, everyone and their grandmother knows how to do it, and you are waaaaaaay behind the curve?

Enter: Fabric Pom-Pom.

I don’t know how this project stayed off my radar for so long, but with a little research I found that there are roughly 5,385,927 tutorials on how to make a fabric pom-pom.  So, of course, I’m going to do another one.

Hello, 5,385,928.

This all started when I was at JoAnne Fabric get materials to make the 1 Hour Skirt (see that tutorial here) and near the register they have packs of coordinating fabrics.  I’m pretty sure that they are supposed to be used to make quilts, but whatevs, I made pom-poms instead.  Sue me.  Also, I got to use my sweet new pinking shears.  AWESOME!

This pom-pom is pretty small, measuring only about 4 inches in diameter, roughly. You’ll see why at the end.

Fabric Pom-Pom

Here’s What You’ll Need

Fabric (One kind, or a couple coordinating patterns)

Two Glasses (I used a drinking glass and a shot glass)


Pinking Shears


Pipe Cleaners, Ribbon, Wire, Etc.

Thin Cardboard (I used the lid of an old shoe box)

Here’s What you Do

Trace the glass on the thin cardboard.  You’ll need two rounds, so do this part twice.  Then center the smaller glass in each round and cut out your rings.

Prepare the Fabric.  I was using 5 different types, but you can use as many, or few, as you’d like.  Cut the fabric (with pinking shears) into quarter, to half – inch strips.  The pinking shears will keep them from fraying.  Jumble up all your strips together so that you can randomly use them.



Put the two rings together and start wrapping the fabric around them.

And wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping.  This part takes awhile.

When you are satisfied with the fluffiness of the wrapped fabric, start cutting at the edge of the rings, going all the way around.  Slip your pipe cleaner, ribbon, or wire in between the two rings and secure.  Cut the rings off and fluff up your pom-pom!  If you (like me) wrapped too much fabric and your “pom-pom” looks more like a “fabric sandwich”, just pull out some of the outer layers until a lovely fluffy pom appears.

Hang for decoration, or, with a pom this small, pin it in your hair for a cute flower effect.

Happy Thursday!


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