Ring Around the … Gerber Daisies?

My name is Simone and I love wreaths.

Hi, Simone.

Now maybe, when I say wreaths, you think of the horrible evergreen monstrosities that plague every entryway for the period from Thanksgiving to Epiphany, a single prick of which sends certain family members of mine running for the calamine lotion to tame the itchy hives that erupt.  Now, don’t get me wrong, some Christmas wreaths are very pretty.  But enough is enough already, yes?

This isn’t your grandmother’s wreath  I made an adorable spring wreath and it was soooooo simple.  The great thing is that you can customize it to be anything that you want, by changing out the flowers.  Fo’ serious.

Spring Wreath

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Wicker Wreath (mine was leftover from an old wreath, but check thrift stores and yard sales if you don’t have one hanging around)

Silk Flowers

Wide Wired Ribbon (I used 3 yards for this project)

Wire Cutters

Here’s What You Do:

For this project, it’s better to use large flowers with thin stems.  I supplemented with smaller flowers, but it would be difficult (and hella time-consuming) to try to do the whole thing out of small flowers.  First, remove all the flowers from the large stem with wire cutters and then cut the individual stems down to 5″-6″.  Any longer than that and they are too hard to deal with, any shorter and there isn’t enough leverage for step two!

Now you should have a pile of individual flowers.  Thread each flower through the wicker, making sure to anchor it.  If you do it correctly, there is be no need for glue.

Don’t worry if the end of the stem sticks out a little, the next flower will cover it.  If your stems are super noticeable, trim them down with wire cutter. Now, your first flower is going to be the “top” of your design.  Working down from there, weave the flowers into the wreath, alternating their placement to create a full effect.  When you have a few of the large flowers in place, you can add some accent flowers, if desired.

You can continue all the way around the wreath, or just go partway, like I did.

Once the wreath is filled in to your liking, you can add the ribbon.  First fold your entire length of ribbon in half, to find the middle.  Place the middle at the very bottom of your wreath and wrap the two ends up around.  You’ll have to wrestle it into place a little when you’re wrapping it through the flowers.  At the top, make sure the ends are even before tying a knot on the back of the wreath, where it can’t be seen.  Then just choose your drop length and finish it off with a knot and a bow, and you’ve got a built-in hanger.

If you’re hanging your wreath in an incredibly windy place, you may want to glue the heads of the flowers onto the stems.

So that’s it.  Embrace your inner wreath lover and try this pretty decoration.  If you get tired of it, you can always take it apart and try again!

Chime in!

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