You Make Me Feel Like Spring Has Sprung!

I shouldn’t be allowed to go to craft stores on my own.

Something about rows and rows of ribbon and paint and scrapbooking supplies leaves me itchy to do something creative.  I was forced to go to A.C. Moore this morning (for work — don’t judge me!) and in addition to a few black tee shirts for a client, I also came away with a BRILLIANT idea for redecorating my mantel.

Okay…I didn’t actually “invent” this idea, but I did it, so there.

I LOOOOOVE Art, but am often HORRIFIED by the cost of pre-made art.  I’m not talking Degas here, just the stuff you find at the back of a craft store by the frames.  It’s outrageously expensive, and not that hard to do on your own.  So that’s what I did.  For $20 I made two 11×14″ canvas pieces, but I had to buy the paint and the brush.  If you have extra acrylic paint from another project and a stencil brush, you could get away with this project for around 10 bucks.  Pretty sweet.  Let’s begin, shall we?

*Note* I’m trying desperately to figure out this whole “adding pictures” thing, so it might be a little rough this time.  Sorry


Here’s What You’ll Need:


2 Canvases (I used 11″x14″ but any size will do)
Acrylic Paint (I used a Medium Grey and a Golden Yellow)
Stencil Brush
Paper Plates/Paper Towels

Here’s What You Do:

Choose a color to start.  I started with the Grey.   Tape the stencil to one canvas. Pour a puddle of paint onto the paper plate, dip the brush in and then dab the excess off on the paper towel.  Working carefully, but quickly (acrylic paint dries really fast) dab the brush on the stencil.  Make sure you dab off the excess, otherwise the paint will seep under the edge of the stencil.  You can also fix this by spraying a re-positionable adhesive on the back of the stencil before attaching it to the canvas.


Here’s the work in progress.

When the stencil is completely filled in, simply remove it.  There’s no need to wait for it to dry because chances are, it already has.  And Voila!


Now re-position the stencil and put down another layer.  You can use as many colors as you want and even use different stencils.  Here’s how mine came out:


I hope this inspires you to try your hand at artwork before paying huge bucks for it.  Let me know how it goes!


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